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Argumentative Essay Introduction – How To Start It? A Formatting Guide

Argumentative Essay Introduction

Beginning an argumentative essay is the most difficult aspect of writing one. Don’t you think so? If you write the argumentative essay introduction well, the remainder of the essay will be easier for you to write. A lot depends on introductions. Since it is the first thing readers read, it serves as a preview of what the remaining of your essay will be like.

Argumentative Essay Introduction:

An argumentative essay entails researching a subject thoroughly, compiling information, and arguing your position. Writing the argumentative essay introduction is the first stage. The goal of the argumentative essay introduction is to introduce the subject while grabbing readers’ attention and piquing their curiosity. The effect of your beginning should make readers want to read the body of your argumentative essay after reading the introduction. Therefore hiring a cheap essay writing service becomes really important for it.

Tips To Write Argumentative Essay Introduction:

Given below are a few tips following which you can come up with a catchy and engaging argumentative essay introduction that will definitely urge the readers to read the essay further:

Draw Readers In:

The essay bait, which is the initial one or two phrases of your paper, is supposed to pique readers’ curiosity and seize their interest. Your odds of getting good marks will probably raise if you write an engaging opening.

There are several strategies to get your argumentative essay off to a strong beginning, from delivering humour and declaring a startling fact to giving anecdotes and posing a leading question. Argumentative essay introduction baits should pique the readers’ interest and draw them in.

Describe The Subject:

You need to present your subject, which comprises what you’ll be talking about after crafting an intriguing bait. For instance, if you’re composing an argumentative paper on whether smoking should be prohibited in city parks, you should initiate the topic here to lay the groundwork for things that follow.

Mention The Significance Of Your Argument:

It is insufficient to simply introduce the subject. You must explain to viewers why it is significant, why you made your choice, and most crucially, why they should take the time to read it.

Are you addressing a fundamental topic, issue, or phenomenon? What does the essay hope to accomplish? Readers must be persuaded of the importance of your issue by the completion of this section.

Describe The Context:

Give readers a background on the subject after stressing its significance. It’s necessary to offer context and provide background knowledge before taking a position and presenting your arguments.

The following elements are involved in the context setting:

  • History
  • Culture
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Society
  • Either Scientific or Regional Philosophy

Consider the next phase as aligning your viewers’ perspectives. They will be more able to comprehend your arguments once you have done that.

Describe Your Topic:

The topic sentence is the last and most significant section of an argumentative essay introduction. The topic sentence for an argumentative essay should be a succinct and precise description of the article’s major contention. It must be contested in order for people to accept or oppose it; it cannot be a generalization. At the same time, it must be narrowly focused rather than general or ambiguous.

Your argumentative essay’s topic sentence will give it shape and purpose because the remainder of the essay will be devoted to outlining your position and defending it. Always keep in mind that a topic sentence should not exceed two phrases in length.

Things to Avoid in Argumentative Essay Introduction:

There are a few mistakes that must be avoided while writing an argumentative essay

introduction. These are:

  1. Not generating a preliminary plan before beginning to write
  2. Writing a lengthy introduction paragraph
  3. Writing an introduction that is dull and tedious
  4. Introducing your arguments in the first paragraph. You should save your arguments for body paragraphs
  5. Composing  that is general, illogical, and unarguable

Format Guide to Argumentative Essay:

Argumentative essays ought to have a clear framework to make them simple for readers to understand. An argumentative essay’s objective is to succinctly describe an opinion, a line of reasoning, and supporting details. An effective argumentative essay should have the following format:

Introduction Paragraph:

The introductory paragraph of your writing should introduce the subject, give context that is important to comprehend your argument, list the supporting details, and explain your point.

The Topic Sentence:

This is a sentence in your first paragraph. It is a succinct explanation of your key argument and thesis in one statement.

Body of the Essay:

An argumentative essay often has three or more paragraphs that provide supporting evidence for your topic. The topic sentence of each body paragraph, which should address a new viewpoint or scrap of evidence, should succinctly and unambiguously state why the viewer should back your standpoint.

In the body paragraphs, you should provide instances, investigations, figures, reports, and literature references to support your points. Discuss contrary arguments and refute them, or describe why you disagree. Gaining the reader’s trust requires factual presentation and examining a subject from all sides.

Conclusion Paragraph:

One paragraph should serve as your conclusion in which you repeat your argument and list your main points. A strong ending will respond to the reader’s feelings rather than adding fresh information or more arguments. Some authors will utilize an individual narrative to illustrate how the subject directly impacts them.

Concluding Statement:

Provide a compelling concluding thesis to bring your argumentative essay plan to a successful conclusion. This statement usually expresses the significance of knowledge to all people and should entice the reader to learn more about the topic.


It’s true what we say: “First impression lasts,” which is why creating a strong start for an argumentative essay is crucial. Although this might be stressful, we’re confident that you’ll be capable of composing a more effective and persuasive argumentative essay introduction that can make a good first impression if you keep these crucial do’s and don’ts in mind. Also, the format guide given above will assist you to compose an excellent and compelling argumentative essay.