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Cricket Leagues and Invicta Leagues


Whether you are a cricket fan or not, there is a lot to look forward to at this year’s ICC World Cup. The game will be played at the Grand Prairie Stadium, and there is no better place to be if you are looking for a great day out.

ICC World Cricket League

ICC World Cricket League is an international one day competition organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) that provides regular playing opportunities for ICC Associate Members. The ICC World Cricket League was founded in 2007 and was designed to provide a pathway to the ICC Cricket World Cup.

The ICC World Cricket League is made up of eight divisions. Each division includes six teams. Two of the teams are relegated into the next lower division when the majority of the divisions are played. The top two teams from each of the divisions earn promotion to the next division.

In the first ICC World Cricket Liga cycle in 2007, seven tournaments were held. The first division was hosted by Kenya and took place from January 19 to February 2. The second cycle was held in Uganda from October 26 to November. The third cycle was held in Singapore from April 26 to May 1. The fourth cycle was held in Kampala, Uganda from June 6 to July.

Indian Premier League

Founded in 2008, the Indian Premier League is a Twenty 20 cricket tournament. It is held annually during March to May in India. The league has teams from various cities across the country. It has become a major sporting event in the country and generates revenue for the economy.

The Indian Premier League has attracted top international and domestic cricket players to play for the tournament. It is also known for its strong sponsorships and its popularity amongst the masses. It has gained international fame and is the most popular domestic T20 league in the world.

Initially, the IPL was a 10-team extravaganza. In the first season, the Punjab Kings and the Delhi Capitals qualified for the playoffs, which saw the Mumbai Indians and the Rajasthan Royals progress to the semi-finals.

The IPL has changed the way the game of T20 cricket is played. It has allowed players to take risks and to play aggressively. The players have found new and exciting ways to score runs.

Invicta Cricket League

Founded in March 2010, the Invicta Cricket League is an alliance of ten teams. Each team plays the others twice in a twenty-odd-over competition. In a league with such a limited membership, each team is challenged to do something.

The aforementioned competition has been a success over the past three years. One notable achievement is being awarded the prestigious Thomas Becket Cup. During the 2014 season, the Invicta first XI won the trophy on the back of a slick campaign by the underdogs. This year, the second XI have been a close second in the division. The Invicta men’s side took the honours and the women’s team finished a mere eight points adrift. The ladies are currently in the midst of a nine-game winning streak. A flurry of victories has earned the ladies a deserved place in the club’s history books.

The Invicta Cricket League has a lot to offer players and clubs alike. A new era in Invicta sport has arrived.

Grand Prairie Stadium

Having been a minor league baseball stadium for years, Grand Prairie Stadium is undergoing a $20 million renovation to convert it into a cricket specific facility. This new cricket specific facility will feature premium seats and will be able to host major events.

The renovation of the former minor league ballpark will transform the playing field into the home of the Dallas-area’s new major league cricket team. The new facility will also feature a natural grass turf wicket and will offer premium seating experiences close to the field.

The venue will be completed in the spring of 2023. It will have capacity for 7,200 spectators, with an expanded capacity of 15,000 for major events. It will serve as the primary venue for the competition’s 2023 season and will be home to the Dallas MLC franchise.

The league will have six teams in the United States, each with international players paired with US talent. They will play 18 matches over 19 days and culminate in a championship game on July 30.