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convert pdf to word

Get your Word documents converted to PDF file format instantly from your home and new tab page!

Convert Here

Convert your Word(doc/docx) document to PDF without downloading a software or registration.
Also, easily convert from PDF document to Word(doc/docx) right from your Google Chrome web browser. You don’t need to download any software. It is 100% FREE!

The extension configures your New Tab page to Word to PDF & convert pdf to word to provide this FREE converter, and also with Google search function.

Convert any Word document into a PDF file and PDF Document into a Word(doc/docx) file in a few simple steps:
1. Choose your Word/PDF document from your computer.

2. Convert from Word to PDF or from PDF to Word.

3. Download and view your new Word/PDF document.

Completely Free.

Convert Here

Once you convert a document, its content remains intact.

Preserved Layout

Join the thousands of loyal users into the online PDF revolution. Try the Word to PDF and PDF to Word converter today and take advantage of all the FREE PDF features

The Word to PDF and PDF to Word extension also offers a convenient web search tool in order to facilitate your searching needs.

A Faster Conversion Process       

With PDFBear’s Docx to PDF conversion tool, you will experience an instant way to turn your MS Word files into PDF documents. You don’t have to print and scan the entire Docx in order to change its format. All you have to do is open the PDFbear’s website and follow the steps indicated on every tool.

Unlike the older way of converting documents, you can skip the manual scanning phase using this web-based platform. It has a simplified process that will do the conversion task for you without going through so many technicalities and hard-to-follow navigation.

Furthermore, PDFBear also utilizes superior technology brought to you by the Solid-Framework. With that mentioned, you can always make sure that the converted files you’ll get through this online platform are always of high-quality with all the original features and details intact.

If you want to try PDFBear’s conversion service right now, you just need to follow the steps below:

  • Open your device’s storage and drag the Microsoft Word Docx you wish to turn into a PDF file, then drop it to PDFBear’s toolbar.
  • Once you have uploaded your document to the software’s server, it will take out the text from your MS Word file.
  • From there, the transformation process will begin. You just need to wait for a minute or less until PDFBear finishes the entire conversion process.
  • When the process is done, your finely formatted PDF document is ready, and you may download it on your computer for future use.

Enjoy the Advantages of Being a PDFBear’s Pro Member

How much will PDFBear’s pro membership plan cost? This question will probably cross your mind when considering taking your PDFBear’s experience to a higher level. To answer this question, you will only have to prepare less than $6 a month if you want to avail this online converter’s upgraded services.

With its paid account, you can have unlimited access to all its tools and services, plus infinite storage for all your uploaded files. Besides that, you can also have a limitless amount of OCR tasks and unlimited storage life for your converted assignments. 

Furthermore, if you got annoyed by the unskippable pop-up ads during your free trial period, you will never experience that once you become a premium account holder. On top of that, you are also entitled to priority technical and customer support, which means you can reach their customer service anytime you need them. 

Convert Your Documents Safely and with Efficiency

When using web-based tools, one of the vital factors to consider is your privacy’s safety and security. Since you need to upload your documents online, you need to ensure that the software you use is trustworthy and can protect your file’s content.

With this in mind, PDFBear is your best option if you want to convert your MS Word document into a printable PDF file safely and with efficiency. The developers and professionals behind this renowned platform always provide the best service for their users so they can be at ease while using their tools.


Turning your MS Word document into an email-ready PDF file is not a simple thing to do. But, with PDFBear, it has never been this easy and fast. Thus, if you want to enjoy the advantages of this online converter, try out their tools and services right this instant. Check out all the awesome features on their website!

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