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Free PDF Converter Online – Edit Professional PDFs Instantly!


How many times have you found yourself in need of viewing or editing a PDF, but you couldn’t because your computer didn’t have the right software? What if there was an online PDF Converter Online and editor that could allow you to view, create, and edit PDFs completely free of charge? Well, there is! WPS has just launched their new cloud-based PDF software service that enables you to convert your existing documents into PDF format, convert any document into the PDF format, or even edit the text inside your PDF files online!

Quickly convert to any format

As a business, you often need to convert your documents to multiple formats. Some are required as attachments in email or in pdf format and others are needed for collaboration. The most efficient way to do this is with the help of WPS PDF Converter. It’s software designed to edit professional PDFs completely free of charge with no subscriptions or perpetual licenses and all it takes is a few clicks in your browser window. Plus, you don’t have to download anything, ever. All conversions happen online so there’s never any installation hassle or hidden costs, plus converting requires just one click and it doesn’t matter what format you’re converting from because WPS supports more than 500 file types!

Converts your document online

The best Free PDF tools editors are designed to help you view, create, and edit professional PDFs completely free of charge. No perpetual licenses. No on-going subscriptions. Just free software for editing PDFs. WPS PDF Converter Online is a tool that converts your document online and provides editing features including adding/deleting text, changing the order of pages or sections, reordering, merging and splitting files, OCR (optical character recognition), specifying user permissions and much more. With just a few clicks you can convert your document online now using WPS PDF Tools.

Select specific pages in your PDF

I’m going to go through two features that WPS PDF Tools offers that may interest you: The Merge and Split Tool, and the Page Numbering Tool. You’ll find these tools in the Editor tab of your document.

The Merge and Split Tool is a handy way to combine multiple pages into one file or separate single-page documents into individual files. The Page Numbering Tool allows you to quickly add sequential numbers to each page in your document, regardless of the order they are created.

This will save time when creating online forms such as order forms with specific instructions or billing labels for clients.

Convert only the content you need

WPS PDF Tools converts documents to and from 50+ formats including Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, CAD, and more. Best of all it is free! Just upload your file and get your new document in seconds. You can also convert an entire folder to a single PDF with one click. Creating beautiful documents has never been easier. Simply create or open a document in the WPS PDF Tools editor, then highlight the text or graphics you want to extract for conversion. Drag-and-drop to resize them as needed.

Save converted documents as Word Docs

Our WPS Free PDF Tools can convert, edit, and share pdf files. You can download the application and launch it to convert all your pdf files on your computer into Word documents. You are then free to edit these files and save them as .docx or .rtf documents if needed. The only limitation is that if the original file was a text document then you need to have Microsoft Word installed in order for editing features like changing font size or bolding text to work.

Convert & Export Multiple Files at Once

A lot of editors offer the ability to export your project as a web-based platform, or in a PDF format. A few also provide direct upload to major file conversion services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and others. The other major factor you should take into consideration is whether or not you are required to download the program. Some editors do this in order to ensure that all of your work is saved on their servers before the conversion process begins.

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