Here’s why you should go for gear cycles

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gear cycle

Don’t know which bike to buy? Gear cycle or non-gear cycle? It is a general topic that most people are confused about. Geared cycles are equipped with many gears, while non-geared cycles don’t have gears and shifters.

Geared bicycles from the house of Leader bicycle have a wide range of speed ratios. This is helpful to maintain the cadence when the rider is traveling on different terrains. A gear cycle is undoubtedly one of the best options bike commuters love for making their long-distance travel plans less stressful.

Now, let’s not talk more because it is time to show you why you should choose a gear cycle from the brand Leader bicycle.

  • Changing gears is smooth like butter according to the terrain. This feature makes almost all the rides very comfortable. However, this clearly depends on the requirements of the rider. If you plan to travel off-road or on rugged hilly terrains, then go for a gear cycle. This is the sole reason why you will find more gear cycles in mountainous regions. People use gear cycles for adventure rides that take them through the depths of the mountains, forests, gorges, canyons, and more.
  • The gear cycle is perfect for the elderly clan who find pedalling very difficult without getting exhausted. Gear cycles provide the fun of cycling without making it go hard for the health of old people.
  • Even when you plan to travel on a smooth straight road, you can use the top gear to reach your destination faster. Hence, nowadays, people who do not have much time travelling from one place to another use a gear cycle by Leader bicycle. On a gear cycle, you will be able to sustain a cadence of 60 to 90 RPM without getting tired.
  • The acceleration would be definitely faster if you compared geared cycles with non-geared ones.
  • A gear cycle is easy to pedal because the rolling resistance is minimum, owing to which you can cover longer distances without getting much tired.
  • The ergonomic design of the gear cycles makes them appropriate for comfortable rides anywhere (in the mountains or on plains). Note that gearless cycles are also called single-speed cycles having just a single-speed ratio. If you want to accelerate in these bikes, you have to pedal fast and vice versa. Hence, gearless cycles are not very comfortable for long-distance trips because you will be exhausted before reaching your destination.
  • Leader bicycle is the manufacturer of some of the most affordable gear cycles available in India. They are breaking the stereotype that gear bicycles are costly, a middle-class Indian can’t afford them, and so on. Also, you can always make the purchase using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card, which will allow you to get additional cost benefits, exciting discounts; you can opt for the no-cost EMI scheme, you can compare the product in more than one million stores that have collaborated with Bajaj Finserv, and then make the purchase with utter peace of mind.

However, here are a few cons of geared bicycles you might want to make your purchase the best one considering all the aspects.

  • Yes, compared to the price on non-geared variants, the cost of a gear cycle is more.
  • The cost of maintaining the cycle, i.e., taking care of the bike, is also pretty high. The replacement cost of each component is pretty high because the parts are costly. The cogs cost a lot more than other components.

We can say that if you have mountains to climb or forests to traverse, then get a gear cycle from Leader bicycle as soon as possible. However, lastly, the choice is yours; you can pick anyone according to your liking. Many people love the idea of gear cycles because of the speed and the minimal need to break a sweat. A gear cycle also comes with derailleurs that help the cyclist change the cogs or shift between the cogs. This feature allows them to hold their cadence even when they are riding on different challenging terrains.

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