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How Is the Price of Gold Determined in India

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Because the value of the paper currency fluctuates constantly, the best option suggested by investors for the audience is gold. Indians considered gold as a symbol of auspiciousness from the previous eras. Now, it has become their vital cultural component. You will be astonished to know that 24 carats 10 gm gold rate today in the Indian market has crossed the value of ₹50,000.

Can you guess which country is at the top of gold consumers? Yes. India! India has approximately 2000 tonnes of unused gold. With each passing day, gold prices have been increasing for generations. But the hike in the 10 gm gold rate today makes it hard to reach the pocket of middle-class families. Have you ever pondered the factors that influence the price of gold in the Indian market?

This blog will guide you on how India’s gold price is determined.

Factors on Which Gold Price Depends

The following factors determine the 10 gm gold rate today in India:

1. Rise in the economy:

During the inflation period, gold has the power to protect you with a fairly constant worth. Hence, investors always prefer gold over paper currency. As a result, inflation always increases the demand for gold and vice-versa. In such situations, gold price and customer demand both get a boom.

2. Jewellery market:

It is very frequent in India to buy gold for festivals and marriages. Hence, today gold rate in Delhi has risen due to an increase in consumer demand. As a result, with the increase in local demand for gold, India must regularly import this metal in high quantities.

Gold is not only valuable for locals, but it has a high demand in the industrial sector also. 12% of the total gold demand in India is considered only from the industrial sector.

3. Gold reserves of government:

With the paper currency, gold reserves are a precious asset for any country. Several countries retain both paper currency and gold reserves for their central bank to handle.

Whenever central banks try to hold gold reserves, there is a boom in the gold price. It happens due to the increase in cash flow in the market as the gold supply decreases.

4. Rates of interest:

The interest rates on financial services and products are closely tied with gold demand in the country. Today gold rate in Delhi is considered the most trusted symbol of the trend for India’s interest rate.

Whenever there are high-interest rates on gold, customers sell their gold. As a result, there is a flow of gold in the market, ultimately lowering the gold rates. A decrease in interest rate means more cash in the customer’s hands and demand for gold in the market. It leads to an increase in the 10 gm gold rate today.

5. Supply of gold:

Today there are a few countries that possess gold in its natural form. It leads to the fluctuation of gold in the market. When the situation between demand and supply changes, there is a change in the price of gold also. It is always considered when the 10 gm gold rate today in India gets calculated.

6. Import rates:

Today, India’s natural gold reserves and production are declining rapidly compared to previous days. As a result, most gold in the Indian market today is imported. It inevitably raises the gold prices in the country as makers need to include import duties with the original price.

7. International relations:

An increase in gold prices also influences international relations. How? Suppose the United States has broken their ties with the major gold producer country in the world. As a result, they will suffer due to the shortage of gold supply in their market.

Gold rates also influence global relations. It is because this metal is viewed as a boundary against political instabilities.

8. US dollar:

There is an inversely proportional relation between gold rates and US dollar rates. It is because gold is considered an international trade commodity, and the US dollar shows benevolence towards the international currency.

Whether directly or indirectly, any change in the value of the US dollar impacts the 10 gm gold rate today. As in India, a vast amount of gold is imported, and price changes influence India’s global market.


Gold enchants investors for a long period and will always captivate itself. Many more factors, such as gold production and cost, determine the 10 gm Today gold rate in Delhi.

However, it is crucial to note that it does not matter how many factors influence the gold price; what ultimately matters is the demand and supply factors.