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How Technology Has Supported People During Covid-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown a drastic change in the lives of people everywhere. As they live in communities, technology has made it easier for them to stay in communities. They have obtained the right way to overcome challenges during the pandemic through technological platforms. Using technology has helped them in living a healthy and secure life while the pandemic is ongoing. Of course, they have suffered some problems in the housing society they live in during this time. But they agree with the technological use they have experienced. They have handled community issues with the help of technology, which has cut down their time and efforts.

The use of social media apps

Before the pandemic, everyone was busy managing their daily chores either in personal or professional lives. They did not get even a little time to interact with the society members. During the time of Covid-19, they have been sitting at homes and working remotely. This is where they have obtained some valuable time for their families with the drawback of missing social life.

Engaging with technology for information

However, with the use of tech-enabled apps, they have started interacting with their community members and fulfilling any needs. These apps include WhatsApp, Connect app, Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, Google Meet, and many others. Using these apps, people get any information they want in just a matter of clicks. No matter what type of service/product they want to use/buy, these apps have helped them in different ways. They are verifying and validating the credibility of service providers offering different services, like plumbers, electricians, electronic appliances, or more. People count on technology for any information or help they need.

Maintaining relationships

Apart from the regular needs of people, they also emphasize technology when it comes to maintaining relationships. As most of them are away from their friends, families, or relatives, technology has helped them to communicate well. Technology has proven out to be an essential lifeline to the outside world. Side by side, they have obtained social support as well. They have been making video calls using different video apps like Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp.

Getting info for contact tracing

At the same time, people have also used technology to stay updated with the latest guidelines of Covid-19. Many interesting tech-apps guide people to get info regarding quarantine, containment zones, home healthcare, checking for temperature and masks, etc. Technology has assisted people in learning the whole situation and reminding them to prevent infections by taking the necessary precautions.

In addition, with technology, the monitoring of the movement of quarantined individuals has taken place. The facial recognition technology identifies people accurately whether they are wearing a mask or not. People who are infected and do not follow the rules of quarantine, get caught through cameras with facial recognition features.

Entertainment benefits

The benefits of social media apps are not limited to maintaining a social life and solving community problems. In fact, technology has also shown its capability to entertain people because of the presence of the OTT (Over-the-Top-Media Service) platforms. Online streaming of live concerts and shows has enticed people when it comes to entertainment. There are many online apps that film production companies are using for releasing their movies and series via OTT platforms. These tech platforms help people to meet their diverse entertainment tastes and needs with the accessibility to varied content.


The extension of lockdown everywhere has brought a huge rise in stress levels among people because they are stuck in their homes for longer than usual. This is where they rely on technology to get relief from stress and depression. Many gaming platforms have seen significant growth in the number of users. The sales of the gaming sector have been hiked to a great extent along with the duration for which people play games. This way, people try to cope up with stress occurring from Covid-19 situations. In the chaotic dance of the pandemic, online games emerged as therapeutic partners, whisking people away to virtual realms where stress melted away like digital mirages. For many, live bingo sites became a soothing balm, offering a delightful escape and a playground of resilience amidst the COVID-19 storm.

Health and fitness

To help people staying healthy and active despite the situation of Covid-19, many apps have been launched. Different brands are making their own health and fitness apps. This way, they are conducting live workout sessions online on their apps. Even, they are using social media platforms as an alternative to going live during sessions.

With such initiatives occurring in every sector, technology has been a boom to people living in a stressful time of Covid-19. To help overcome mental and social life problems people have been going through, tech-enabled apps are on the top these days and they are still likely to continue with this trend. In previous times, the utilization of technological apps was user-based like when they demanded anything from the internet, they used to depend on such apps as Facebook, Instagram, Connected app, etc. But now the reliance on technology will keep on rising in the future as well.