How to find new customers through marketing actions?

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Finding new customers is not easy. We must perpetually make work of reflection and action. There are many possibilities. Discover the 5 best marketing strategies to increase your customer base.

1 – Partnerships

Analyze in your environment the companies which have activities complementary to yours. See what products or services are related to what you do. Contact these companies to set up a win-win collaboration. To find new customers, setting up a partnership with a colleague can be very useful. You thus benefit from communication with your partner’s customers. You expand your audience while ensuring maximum access by targeting your partner’s activity. Be sure to test your partnership for a while to check that it is bearing fruit by bringing you customers thanks to this new visibility.

2 – Emailing campaigns

Emailing is a great idea to develop your customer base. Your emails are perfectly targeted to reach the professional audience that interests you. There is no point in mass emailing! Concentrate on a niche target, and address it in an original way. Many of our clients, for example, use nominations as an “ice breaker” in order to establish privileged contact with their interlocutors. To make sure you find new customers, always make sure you study the results of your email campaigns. So you need to analyze eWorldTrade the open rate, clicks, the increase in traffic to your website, the number of new contacts, the number of registrations (and unsubscriptions) for your mailings, the number of new buyers… All of these data will help you to know if your emailing strategy is right and how to optimize it.

3 – Content marketing

Provided you have very clearly defined your target, content marketing is an excellent ally in finding new customers. Thanks to this strategy, you develop a speech adapted to your prospects and customers. You optimize your content and its use: blog, newsletter, website, social networks… First, define your content marketing strategy with a clear editorial line. A customer-centric discourse will be more relevant. Benefiting from a particularly interesting ROI (return on investment), this approach is able to bring many customers to you (inbound marketing) while developing your e-reputation and your referencing. Before building your content you must have answered the following questions: what purpose does this document serve? Who is he talking to? Will he provide answers to readers?

4 – Events

If you want to find new customers, there’s nothing like organizing an event! This allows you to energize your community around a friendly and sympathetic meeting. Workshop, workshop, open day, invite your prospects! You can create premium events for your prospects and best customers to promote exchanges or to revive inactive customers. Remember to encourage your customers to come with support: they will bring you prospects directly to your establishment! In addition, go to events organized by your network (entrepreneurs’ clubs, professional seminars, local events, etc.). So many opportunities for networking!

5 – Customer recommendation

A final strategy to increase your customer base is to rely on the referrals that your customers give you. Indeed, what could be more meaningful for a potential buyer than an opinion from a satisfied customer? Make your best customers your ambassadors and boost your word of mouth. Analyze your customer file in search of those you have “enchanted” by solving one of their problems or by offering them a high-quality service. Then seek to obtain opinions and comments to relay them on all your online and offline communication channels. If you can, make videos of them that are even more convincing than writing.

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