How To Pick A Good Geography Dissertation Topic

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So, it’s officially exam season. Students are frantically turning pages over pages to complete the most important task, writing their ‘dissertation.’ Now we understand how writing a dissertation for the first time can quickly become a headache for a student. The dread and fear are all over your mind. There is an immense amount of pressure building up inside you. The clock is ticking. With every passing minute, you worry over your dissertation. The day ends with anxiety all over your mind. You are continuously procrastinating in picking the topic for your dissertation because you have no clue.

If you think the description above matches your condition these days, keep reading. If you’re a student of geography and confused about picking the right topic for your dissertation, this article will serve you the best.

What is Dissertation?

A dissertation is a type of thesis or a research paper that students have to write before the completion of their degree program. Writing a dissertation is a must for a student to earn their degree. Dissertation is a term popularly used in the UK, while other countries may call it thesis, research paper, or maybe final project. You can write a dissertation on any topic related to your field of study while remaining within the boundaries of your course guidelines. Formats of the dissertation may vary according to your location and institution.

Geography Dissertation Topics Based On Sociology:

  • Effects of different geographical regions on Individuals: Humans have the capability to adapt to the course of nature of where they belong. You can write about this ability and how different environments and weather conditions affect people and their lifestyles living in different regions and how they overcome it.
  • Analyze environmental pollution between Asian vs European regions: Here, we can talk about the ratio of pollution in each type of country. You can focus on how types of pollution are different in each region and what they are. You can write about how different types of pollution are affecting the region differently and to what extent.

┬áNow we do understand you may think some of these topics are too complex or broad for you. But we do have a solution for that too. If you’re new to this, you can just google the best dissertation writing service UK, and you will be able to choose a service provider for yourself. You can ask them to provide a solution to your queries and help you write your dissertation. Highly educated experts are available on such platforms to provide services to students.

  • Difference between the life of people living in mountainous areas vs plains: The lifestyle is rigid and harsh in mountainous areas as compared to planes. In the modern world, mountainous areas are not considered suitable for living due to many geographical reasons, like their harsh cold weather. People living in hilly areas have to battle extreme cold and snow in different ways. There is always the risk of landsliding too. Plains are more suitable for agriculture, constructing homes and tall buildings, etc. Living in plains is more comfortable and hence encouraged.
  • Risk of diseases in different types of geographical locations: Humans are moving from region to region very easily these days. This easy movement of human beings is also a major reason for the spread of diseases. Germs picked from one place may turn into dangerous diseases when transferred into a different geographical condition.
  • Relation between mental health and people living in cold and hot regions: In this topic, you can research the statistics that show any relation between the effect of the climate of the region and their residents’ mental health. How does it differ from hot regions as compared to cold regions?

Geography Dissertation Topics Based On Research:

  • Where do rocks come from? How do they form their specific shape?:

You can explain the process of rock formation here and go behind and give an idea to your reader about where rocks come from. Answer basic questions first, which may come to a regular person’s mind. After that, you increase the depth of the topic with your research and statistics. This topic may get overwhelming for you if you don’t have enough time to conduct thorough research. Choosing such deep topics might require some expert help. We recommend reaching out for the help of any good academic writing service providers to help you Assignment Ace.

  • How pearls are formed inside a marine oyster?: An oyster starts producing a shell to protect itself. Shell starts forming pearls as a result of disturbance created by a foreign body’s entrance into the shell. Here you explain the entire process and the circumstances through which an oyster goes through to produce a pear. How long does it take for a pearl to complete its form inside the shell? Evaluate and present any evidence of shells forming on oceans or marine life.
  • Understanding the relation behind earthquakes and tectonic plates: Earthquakes can cause mass destruction at times. This topic has always fascinated mankind. Your professor might be interested in getting something new out of you on the tectonic plates. You can dive into the past occurrences of earthquakes. Explain how each earthquake affects the earth or its layers. You can discuss areas that are at high risk of earthquakes and explain why. Explain better ways to predict earthquakes. Give your opinion if you think we would be able to control or influence an earthquake in the coming future. This could prove to be an interesting topic for your dissertation that can help you bag some good grades.
  • Active volcanoes and the science behind them: You can write about the history of volcanoes. How does a volcano reach the stage of eruption? What happens to the land nearby if an active volcano erupts? How long will the land suffer from the destruction of volcano eruption? Write about volcano eruption experiments conducted by scientists and their conclusions. Discuss famous active volcanoes, their effect on the regions, and future predictions.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right topic for your dissertation is crucial if you want to score good marks and secure your degree. It can make or break your reputation in the eyes of your professor. Complete your research, and don’t hesitate to reach out to an expert. Choose wisely!

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