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5 Facts All Men Should Know About Sexual Problems

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Male sexual issues may include various conditions, such as low libido, premature ejaculation, impotence (ED), etc. Though several men know that these issues are prevalent, many do not consider discussing them with their doctor and look for sexual problems solution options. In addition, male sexual problems might appear at any moment throughout the sexual response phase. Also, it prevents you from having sexual pleasure. 

Despite research indicating the prevalence of sexual difficulties among males, many people avoid addressing it. However, you should discuss your issues with your partner and consult a sexologist in Delhi to address your problems and have a good sexual life. 

If you are reluctant to address your concerns, here are some facts about sexual problems in men that you must be aware of.

Five Facts Men Should Be Aware Of Regarding Sexual Problems

1. Cardiovascular illness may contribute to sexual dysfunction.

Sexual issues might have biological roots in certain instances. For instance, erectile dysfunction is a prevalent issue among heart disease individuals.

Blood circulation to the penile tissue stimulates an erection and is essential for erectile function. Moreover, disruption to blood vessels and circulatory problems impede blood circulation and prevent erections.

Thus, sexual dysfunction might sometimes signify heart disease or other health issues. As part of sexual problems solution, it is important to rule out hypertension, diabetes, and other disorders that influence blood circulation.

Interestingly, many individuals learn they have the cardiovascular disease after consultation about sexual issues and begin treatment.

So do not hesitate to consult your doctor. They are used to address concerns about reproductive health. After responding to your questions, they can assist you in determining if your sexual health problems are a part of a bigger condition.

2. Mental health and sexual functioning have a relation

Sexual dysfunction is not limited to older men. Young men may also experience erectile dysfunction often, particularly when anxious. Yet there is sexual problems solution. 

For erectile function, a healthy cardiovascular system is necessary, but mental wellness is also crucial. So this is because:

  • Anxiety about one’s performance causes erectile dysfunction.
  • Anxiety and nervousness might cause premature ejaculation.
  • Depression diminishes sexual desire and might lead to sexual arousal issues.
  • Males with mental illness are more prone to have sexual difficulties.

They are likely mental if you do not have a biological explanation for your sexual difficulties. Moreover, this is not always a problem. You can be anxious about your sexual function or exhausted after a busy day. Furthermore, it is thus not unusual for some doctors to suggest psychotherapy as a sexual problems solution.

3. Certain drugs may intensify or promote sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is sometimes a negative effect of medical treatment. For instance:

  • After prostate cancer surgery, you may encounter temporary erection problems.
  • The therapy of BPH to alleviate urinary symptoms may exacerbate erectile dysfunction.
  • In prostate cancer, hormone treatment counteracts testosterone activities. Consequently, even if you do not have low testosterone, you may have diminished sexual desire.
  • In certain instances, anxiolytics and antidepressants may produce orgasm difficulties.

Your doctor can effectively treat these sexual issues caused by medicines. Therefore, rather than quitting medication, discuss your sexual life with them, and they can offer alternate sexual problems solution. 

4. Normal changes in sexual function occur with aging.

Usually, erectile dysfunction is associated with older males. Yet it isn’t accurate since young men also experience ED. 

Humans are not supposed to have sexual dysfunction, irrespective of their age. Men sexual problems have biological, psychological, or medicinal reasons.

Aging men are more prone to experience these issues but are not bound to limit or cease sexual engagement.

They will have sexual function alterations. Further, they might require more stimuli and foreplay to develop an erection. If they experience ongoing sexual intercourse difficulties, they may discover sexual activity challenging.

However, with sexual problems solution options, doctors can resolve most of these disorders using medical and natural therapies. 

5. A healthy lifestyle can improve your overall sexual health

Maintaining your general health makes you less prone to sexual dysfunction. Sexual troubles are often caused by heart disease, metabolic disorders, or mental illness. Consequently, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking care of oneself may significantly impact your sexual health.

  • Eating well maintains optimal blood pressure, lipid levels, and circulation.
  • Regular exercise promotes better blood flow and relieves mental stress.
  • Further, developing strong relationships with family members and colleagues improves mental clarity and minimizes stress.
  • Additionally, treating diabetes and high blood pressure considerably improves erectile dysfunction.

These modifications to your lifestyle are not complicated to do, although it may take some time before you feel a change. Further, lifestyle modifications have a combined effect, but they are likely the best course of action.


Various conditions trigger sexual problems in men, irrespective of age. Some may be natural that come with age. Yet others may impact due to certain conditions or lifestyles. With proper sexual problem solutions from IASH’s specialists, you can have a great sexual life.