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The Importance of Essay Writing Skills for Career and Education

essay writing
essay writing

Essay writing skills are very important for various purposes in education and professional careers.

Writing essays is often a requirement for continuing education or registering for self-development programs such as student exchanges, workshops, and scholarships.

But we may ask, why essay, and how to write a quality essay?

Peeling Essay

Essays fall into the prose category. In addition to essays, many forms of writing fall into the prose category, such as short stories, novels, and news.

An essay is a form of written work that is subjective, usually written in 400-700 words.

An essay can be used to write an opinion, an obituary, or simply to give a glimpse of what an author is thinking.

Compared to works such as short stories and news, essays are freer and do not have special rules.

For example, short stories must contain intrinsic elements such as plot, characters, dialogue, place settings, etc.

News must be 5W+1H and cover both sides or confirm the sources that made the news.

In practice, writing an essay is easier because it focuses on the subjective side of the author himself.

What’s an essay for?

Then why is the essay a requirement for registration? What do you think about the essay?

As in the review above, essays are used by the selection team to determine the extent of insight and orientation of applicants.

For example, in an essay to apply for a scholarship, the selection team wants to know how far the applicant’s orientation is.

Why does the applicant want to get the scholarship, the reason for taking the major, and what future goals or plans?

A good essay will provide an overview for the selection team, making it easier for them to decide whether to accept it.

Likewise, with job applicants, especially in large companies, HRD often makes essays a requirement.

The goal is almost the same, namely wanting to know the extent of insight and orientation of job applicants related to the field of work he will run.

In the essay, the selection team will look at three aspects at once:

First the ability to think coherently and systematically.

A good essay signifies a person who can think coherently and systematically, which is an added value.

However, when the essay is messy, not coherent, and does not answer the needs of the selection team, it also reflects his character.

Second, insight related to the field.

Through essays, one’s insight will be read, especially insights related to the field he is currently pursuing.

I can read his insight from how he expresses his analysis, whether it is limited to assumptions or has a strong basis for thinking and reference sources.

Through essays, the selection team will know the extent of the applicant’s insight, and those who can explain well will be considered for qualification.

Third, orientation

This third part is very important, even though the essay excels in the first and second points, but if this third point does not provide a good answer, it can be rejected.

Orientation is a goal, both short term and especially long term.

It will be highly considered when you apply to a program, and your essay has a long-term orientation.

Likewise, when applying for scholarships or applying for work. Orientation is very important because it is part of the purpose of life.

Someone with a long-term orientation is considered more professional and sustainable, which is very important compared to someone who is smart but just trial and error.

Especially for companies, having employees with a long-term orientation is very important for the company’s sustainability.

Likewise, scholarship providers do not expect to stop at academic degrees but have a social role afterward.

All forms of funding also hope that the funds provided can have a social impact, especially if they are sustainable.

Good essay

After knowing the importance of essays as an assessment, you must write a good essay, right?

A good essay can be seen from two sides: technical writing and content.

Technical writing standards are, of course, based on existing grammatical rules. The sentences are solid, effective, and not long-winded.

A neat and easy-to-read writing style describes the character of someone who can communicate effectively.

But do not stop at technical writing; it is also important to enrich the content.

When applying for an essay, first learn a lot of things related to the field and institution you are going to.

Understanding related fields and institutions will make an information-dense essay; the selection team will also judge if you are a person who is not lazy and wants to learn.

So don’t hesitate to enrich your insights and references so that the selection team will consider your essay.

Reread and self-edit to minimize errors. Remember, mistakes such as wrong names and institutions seem trivial but very fatal.

Essays are usually highly considered and may be the deciding factor in making a decision.

Thus, help essay writing skills are very important to support education and career.