The role of a ratchet spanner

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Spanners are an essential addition to any tradesperson’s tool kit. But not all spanners are created equal! Some types, such as the ratchet spanner, have special features making them ideal for certain kinds of jobs.

This article will detail what ratchet spanners are, the different types available on today’s market, and how you might use one in an industrial setting.

What is a ratchet spanner?

A ratchet spanner (also known as a socket wrench) is a hand tool used for loosening and tightening nuts and bolts. Unlike traditional spanners, it features a ratcheting mechanism that the user can engage to move the handle in one direction while the tool’s head turns in the opposite direction.

The ratchet mechanism is usually operated by rotating it in a clockwise motion. This causes the teeth to engage and disengage as needed, providing a tight grip and preventing slippage.

The main benefit of a ratchet spanner is that the user doesn’t have to remove and replace the tool to tighten or loosen a nut or bolt. Additionally, they:

  • Save time and energy on projects requiring frequent tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts.
  • Allow for quick adjustments.
  • Are usable with one hand.
  • Provide a steady, consistent grip on the workpiece.

Ratchet spanners are useful for high precision and accuracy jobs, such as furniture or electronics assembly. They’re also popular for working in tight spots or awkward angles, such as removing screws from bicycle frames.

The different types of ratchet spanners

Within the world of ratchet spanners, there are a few different varieties to look out for. For example, the tools can vary in size, with many kits containing spanners ranging from 8mm to 19mm in diameter.

There are also combination ratchet spanners, which feature a traditional spanner head on one end and a ratcheting head on the other. You can also find varieties with two ratcheting heads on either end, usually of different sizes.

You might choose a moon ring ratchet spanner for extra stubborn jobs, which has a curved, economic handle designed to reduce fatigue.

Common applications of ratchet spanners

Ratchet spanners are a popular choice for high-precision work across many industries, including:

  • Repairs and maintenance in the marine industry
  • Automotive and aerospace assembly
  • Servicing equipment like compressors, pumps, and motors in the motor repair industry
  • Constructing, repairing, or maintaining heavy machinery in the construction industry
  • Home use, for assembling furniture or appliances

Other industries that commonly use ratchet spanners include agriculture, mining, and manufacturing. If your business lies within any of these industries, a set of ratchet spanners will make an invaluable investment.

Conclusion and summary

Consider a ratchet spanner next time you need an ergonomic and easy-to-use spanner for a tight or awkward job. They’re an excellent choice for quick and efficient work across industries like construction, manufacturing, and motor repair.

Investing in a set of these handy tools will make life much easier for your employees, reduce fatigue, and boost productivity within your business. If you’re looking for a great ratchet spanner, RS Online can help. Visit the store, and shop the range today!

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