Unveiling the Latest Trends in Wrist Watches For Women

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A woman’s watch is a key accessory that speaks to her unique style. Whether she’s classic or contemporary, bold or androgynous, a beautiful women’s watch can be the perfect finishing touch to her look.

With more female designers and executives working in the industry, there are more choices than ever for women looking to find their perfect watch.

Leather straps

Whether you are looking for a leather watch band for women or men, there is a vast selection of strap styles to choose from. The SIENA ladies watch strap from Hirsch is a great example of this, offering subtle and understated allure. Crafted from soft calfskin leather with a tone-on-tone backstitch and moderate, rounded padding, the strap is both hard wearing and luxurious to the touch.

The Distressed Tasso strap from JPM is another example, wrought from soft suede leather and carefully given a worn, coarse appearance that adds an appealingly rustic look to the wrist. Alternatively, you can opt for a leather strap that has been treated to be water resistant, making it ideal for use when you are spending time outdoors. You will also find that many leather straps are drilled with standard lug holes, which allow you to freely swap out your watch bands based on your style or the occasion. You can even swap between leather and metal bracelets, offering you a range of different wrist watches for women.


Women’s watches are a staple accessory and are often seen as a representation of their style. Many designers have taken inspiration from different eras of watchmaking to create elaborate and beautiful ladies’ timepieces.

When choosing a watch, it is important to consider the colour scheme and case material. A gold watch will suit a variety of outfits and look good with most skin tones, but if you are looking for something more practical then a silver-coloured wristwatch is the perfect choice.

If you’re looking for a wrist watches for women that will make a statement, then this Michael Kors model is the one for you. With a crystal set bezel and rose gold-toned bracelet, this timepiece will add a touch of sparkle to any ensemble. It is also worth noting that most people wear their watches on the left hand, as this is usually the non-dominant hand. This means that your watch will be less likely to get in the way of other tasks or get damaged when it is being worn.

Colourful dials

A watch’s dial color is a big factor when it comes to its overall look. It can make your watch look more elegant or casual, and it can also set the tone for your whole outfit. However, not all colors are created equal. While some might be considered fashionable or trendy at one time, others can fade out of style over time.

Fortunately, with modern manufacturing techniques, it’s now possible for watches to come in a wide variety of hues. This has led to an increased number of brands offering coloured dials in their collections.

Blue and green have been especially popular in recent years, but we’re also seeing watchmakers introduce a range of other shades. For instance, Oris recently unveiled a version of its ProPilot X Calibre 400 with a salmon pink dial that really stands out. Moreover, this colour makes the titanium case look even more distinctive than it already is. In addition, it’s easy to read the digits and markers in the dial with this shade.

Sporty watches

If you’re an active person, a sports watch is the perfect accessory. They’re designed for fitness, and offer a variety of features like GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. They’re also water-resistant, and some even have built-in music so you can train phone-free.

A great example of a sports watch is the Suunto 9 Peak Pro, which brings the Finnish company up to speed with modern features like third-party app support, Strava Live Segments integration and customizable data screens. It also has a great user interface that’s easy to use and clearly displays your data.

Many sports watches can track your heart rate as well, and some are compatible with external heart rate straps so you can monitor your fitness even more accurately. These features are useful for improving your performance and ensuring that you’re exercising at the right intensity. They can also help you see the results of your hard work by tracking your fitness gains over time.

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