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Why Lab Grown Diamonds Are A Smart Investment


Lab made diamonds are real diamonds with the same quality as natural diamonds, but made in a laboratory. Lab made diamonds are certainly not like Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia, and they are not fakes or of lesser quality. They have the same chemical composition as mined diamonds, and the difference can be hard to tell. Mined diamonds still account for most diamond sales, but lab grown diamonds are getting increasingly popular.

So if you are looking to get jewellery, there is more to consider than a price tag. You will want to explore all options available when you check out jewellery stores or outlets. Lab grown diamonds are an option to explore. This article focuses on why lab grown diamonds are a good investment.

How are They Made?

Lab grown diamonds, unlike mined diamonds, do not take billions of years to form. They can be grown in a lab in four to six weeks and require less effort to produce them.

Similar to mined diamonds, lab diamonds have the same chemical composition. They are manufactured by machines that create an extremely high pressure and temperature conducive for diamond growth. Lab made diamonds could be created through Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) which involves the using a slice of the diamond, which is then crystalized into a fully formed diamond. Alternatively, the High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) method involves using a small piece of metal, which is then crystalized into a diamond.

Lab grown diamonds reduce the devastation of the earth caused by mined diamonds as mined diamonds require digging almost 100 miles into the earth’s crust. This is not good for the environment as forests are brought down and wildlife is displaced.

Also, mined diamonds are rare, meaning there is a limited supply of diamonds. This is quite unlike lab made diamonds, where the diamonds can be produced on demand, in colours and size required. Furthermore, lab made diamonds present the same use case as mined diamonds.

Benefits of Lab Created Diamonds

Now you know that lab made diamonds are identical to mined diamonds. They can be used in the same way as natural diamonds in making engagement rings, tennis bracelets, pendants and even diamond stud earrings. Here are reasons why you should get a lab created diamond.

1. They Cost Less

Lab created diamonds present a shorter supply chain and can be produced on demand at a lesser cost than mined diamonds. Also, the price of natural diamonds keeps rising as they become harder and harder to find. While this preserves its rarity status, it means many people won’t be able to purchase diamond jewellery as time goes on. This means that lab made diamonds could sell for relatively lower prices than mined diamonds. Now, you will not have to break the bank as much to get your fiancé a diamond ring or other diamond-based jewellery.

Lab made diamonds make diamond-based jewellery an accessible luxury to anyone who needs it. You can save money simply by purchasing a lab made diamond for 40% to 50% less than the cost of a natural diamond.

2. They Are Eco Friendly

Mining natural diamonds hurts the environment. The mining process depends heavily on energy that is sourced from greenhouse gases. Also, mining sites involve deforestation and possibly displacing the site’s wildlife, which has devastating effects on the ecosystem. While mining companies attempt to inculcate more eco-friendly practices, the process of lab made diamonds remains less impactful to the environment as it requires lesser energy and little to no deforestation to grow a diamond.

3. It is Ethical

The diamond trade is shrouded in a lot of controversies and problems. The most popular is known as blood diamonds. The blood diamond means the use of diamonds to raise funds for wars to overthrow legitimate governments. The Kimberley Process initiated in 2003 has helped reduce the conflict in the diamond trade significantly, if not totally. There are also issues regarding mine workers’ welfare and child labour use in some diamond mines.

In contrast, lab made diamonds present a more ethical means of getting a diamond. You will know where the diamonds are manufactured and the laws that guide the manufacturers, so there won’t be as many concerns.

Uses of Lab Made Diamonds

Lab based diamonds serve the same use cases as natural diamonds. They can be made to any desirable shape possible. They can come in different sizes and grading. They are popularly used in making engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, solitaire rings, pendants, and tennis bracelets. They can be made into as much jewellery as a natural diamond can be made into.

There are also speculations that lab diamonds could be used outside of jewellery making in making windows and quantum computing equipment. This could create a possible aftermarket for lab made diamonds.

Grading & Certification of Lab Made Diamonds

Remember that lab made diamonds are not fakes, so regardless of whether a diamond is lab grown or natural, it will be provided with a certification by grading laboratories. Regardless of source, any diamond can be tested under the  4 C’s (cut, clarity, colour and carat) by any diamond certification labs.

Diamond jewellery can be an acknowledgement of love in wedding bands, so you can choose a diamond that suits your taste based on the information of its grading. Also, if you happen to prefer your lab sourced diamonds in other forms, like on your watches, necklaces, and even chains, you should know that they’ll pass any diamond tester.


The Allied Market Research published that the lab grown diamonds market was worth $19.3 billion in 2020 and could reach up to $49.9 billion by 2030. This shows that lab made diamonds are becoming the preferred choice, given the slow supply and increasing price of natural diamonds.

Lab made diamond remains the greenest approach to getting a diamond as it is more environmentally friendly and is a long-term sustainable solution to the manufacturing of diamonds at a cheaper cost.

In essence, you would want something inexpensive and good for you and for the environment, which is a win-win. Lab made diamonds are the way to go, so when next you’re shopping for jewellery, you should definitely check it out.