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Why Someone Choose Valant EMR for its Medical Practices?

Valant EMR
Valant EMR

Valant’s workflow and user interface are designed to increase productivity and improve documentation habits. For example, users can view the patient chart and progress notes on their mobile device. They can also view notes taken on the telephone or during intake and progress visits. Valant also makes old data available for reuse, and automatically generates text narratives.


The Valant EMR is an electronic medical record with an intuitive design and comprehensive feature set. It includes features such as ePrescribing and automatic scoring. It also includes an integrated billing system. The Valant EMR costs more than its competitors, but it offers excellent customer support and fast transcription.

The Valant EMR also comes with built-in data analytics and advanced authentication techniques that make it easier to track patient health, improve care quality, and improve financial efficiency. It also allows you to communicate with patients and access their data anywhere, including from their home. The Valant EMR can easily integrate with your current EHR platform.

The built-in outcomes measures of Valant EMR can help you to negotiate higher reimbursement rates and provide patients with data-driven treatment. The Valant EMR also has Silverlight compatibility, making it a suitable choice for behavioral health practices. However, some practices have complained about the lack of integrations and functionality. In addition, the company recently sold its hospital division to a Canadian company to focus on government business.


Valant EMR is a cloud-based EMR that is ideal for large groups. However, it is more expensive than many of its competitors. Valant was founded by David Lischner, MD, and is based in Seattle, Washington. The company is focused on improving medical outcomes for patients.

The software offers features that help streamline the patient intake process. This includes check-in, electronic prescribing, and automatic scored tracking. Additionally, the system offers tools for sending initial assessments and documents to patients, such as questionnaires. It also has a calendar interface that allows users to filter patients, appointments, and other information by day, week, or provider.

While the system is easy to learn and use, it does have some limitations. In particular, there is a large learning curve and the program is not compatible with Mac computers. If you are unsure whether Valant is right for you, contact a sales rep to discuss your requirements. Some customers have reported customer service issues, however, and the company has been known to take a long time to fix software glitches. Despite this, many users report that Valant EMR offers a variety of useful features, including customizable clinical documentation and templates.


Valant is a complete electronic medical record that is designed specifically for mental health practices. Its robust features help streamline workflows, improve patient care, and increase productivity. The software also supports real-time analytics and allows for secure exchange of information. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or have a large practice, Valant can help you get organized and manage your practice more effectively.

With built-in outcomes measures and automatic scored tracking, Valant lets you provide patient-centered care with data-driven results. This helps you improve patient care and negotiate higher reimbursement rates. With an updated extended software profile, you can also reach new potential buyers.


One of the benefits of the Valant EMR is its flexibility. It offers clinicians a variety of options for scheduling, including the ability to block time for different types of appointments. It also offers a customizable calendar so that clinicians can set aside specific blocks of time for new patients, notes, and recurring appointments. Because it is customizable, it’s easy to make adjustments to your schedule without needing to hire someone else.

Valant’s flexible software also supports group therapy. By enabling group therapy sessions, the software streamlines the clinical process and saves precious session time. Moreover, its extensive feature set is praised by customers for being extremely user-friendly and well-organized.

Integrations with Third-party Software

If you’re looking for an EMR system with a full feature set and an intuitive interface, Valant EMR is one of the best choices. Its interface is easy to navigate, and its numerous integrations with third-party software streamline the workflow of busy doctors. Whether you need to manage patient information, conduct surveys, or track financials, Valant has a feature to fit your needs.

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Valant provides built-in outcomes measures and automatic score tracking. These capabilities help you better negotiate reimbursement and deliver data-driven treatment for patients. The system also allows you to quickly and easily submit insurance claims, which means faster reimbursement.