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What Are the Differences Between Bluetooth Transmitter Or Receiver and Wireless Headphones?

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Bluetooth Transmitter

Simply put a Bluetooth wireless transmitter is a small electronic device. That sends data from one device to another by means of wireless technology. Bluetooth wireless transmitters are usually more sophisticated, as well. Some models, for example, come with tiny antennas that transmit wireless data wirelessly.

The Bluetooth transmitter, like the Bluetooth receiver, is designed to be used in conjunction with a mobile device and/or a laptop or tablet computer. One of the most widely reported problems with the Bluetooth transmitter is interference. This can result in the loss or cancellation of incoming audio signals. This can make it difficult to use the transmitter or receiver. And can significantly reduce the battery life of the device in question.

Typical Dual Function Bluetooth

A typical dual function Bluetooth transmitter will allow the user to switch seamlessly between handsets or between applications. Some of the newer Bluetooth transmitters have a handy “lock” feature that keeps handsets from being opened while the signal is being transmitted. These devices have a very useful feature wherein they let you use both hands free for typing or taking notes on a touch screen.

Most Bluetooth transmitters allow you to select the same device to be used on both devices for typing. Some allow you to use the two devices simultaneously (on the same network, of course), but many allow you to use the device on either (or both) hands for typing. This is convenient if you want to carry your laptop around with you. For those who like traveling with their favorite device, this is a huge plus.

Support Transferring Large Files

A second popular problem is getting the information from the Bluetooth device into the computer. Some devices are just not design to support transferring large files (such as movies) between computers. For this reason, when you’re looking for a wireless device to view your tv, music, or pictures, you might not be able to simply hand it to your computer and begin watching/playing. Many devices will allow you to play/pause the media on the TV while the transmitter is transmitting. In some models, you can even control playback on the transmitter itself, allowing you to pause in the middle of a scene (great for when you get distract or need to rewind a scene).

A third popular problem for most Bluetooth transmitter users is making phone calls with their handsets. If you’re like most people, trying to make phone calls on your cellphone. Tablet, or laptop isn’t the easiest thing in the world. However, most modern smartphones are equip with a native ability to make and receive Bluetooth calls – allowing you to make and receive audio calls directly through your Bluetooth transmitter instead of through your phone/tablet.

Bluetooth Capabilities

The last major problem that many people end up running into is dealing with multiple Bluetooth devices. For example if you have both a laptop and a tablet that have Bluetooth capabilities. You may find that you have to go into separate settings on each device in order to change the connection state. This can be a big time and energy saver, especially if you want to switch between several devices at once. Fortunately most devices will have an “auto detect” setting that automatically. Detects the most convenient connection state and uses that one.

Bluetooth Transmitter Or Receiver

Overall, most consumers would probably benefit from a good quality Bluetooth transmitter/receiver. It’s faster to transfer media between devices, provides for a more hands-free experience, and makes connecting electronic devices much easier. However, wireless headphones that support Bluetooth technology offer the best quality sound for airplane rides. If you do choose one of these devices, however, be sure to use one that has the latest firmware version. Firmware updates can be particularly important if you have an optical audio output, because some manufacturers omit them from their products due to compatibility issues with older or pre-install software.