Can Viber Spy App Help in Protecting Teens from Online Predators?

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The meaning behind the term “going smart” has evolved in the past decade. Before it was about making smart life decisions but now that means you are making the smart decision of going online. Gadget and internet involvement are now connected with a smart movement. We are enjoying the best life of modern tools and advanced technology and are facing the consequences as well.

You can’t have it in both ways and you have to pay the price of everything you enjoy.  Living among the latest smart gadgets in the form of cellphones, tablets, and computers has no doubt changed the way of life but at the same time has put many things at risk as well.

Everyone owns a smartphone. These gadgets with easy internet access are in the hands of teenagers like ticking bombs. They can use it for their best but at the same time for the worst as well. By worst I mean they might go to jail or got themselves killed. I am not exaggerating and it is the harsh reality of this life.

  • Pew research center states that roughly 88% of middle and high school students have computers in their homes.
  • 95% of teenagers belonging to the 13-17 age group own a personal smartphone.

That simply means more than 90% of the teenager have access to the internet whenever they want as they own a smart gadget. Exposure to the web world means, exposure to all kinds of raw information and people from all around the world. Now don’t tell me that you think you can monitor your teenager gadget usage all the time and know about every online affair in detail. Teenager knows how to be sneaky and keep the secret. Thus in the end most parents fail to cover online safety and security that results in a lot of damage. We are here to give you a simple tip regarding this issue.

The use of Parental control apps like the OgyMogy can help the parents to make sure their kids are using the online platforms positively and are digitally safe. How a social media monitoring app feature like the Viber spy app can help the parents in assuring the online safety of the minor kids is discussed below.

Track The Spam Messages:

OgyMogy Viber spy app lets the user have direct access to the Viber inbox of the teen. You can simply check all the incoming and outgoing text message traffic and monitor the content. Keep an eye on any spam message received on your teenager’s cellphone and alert them about it. These days people hack the whole system just by sending a link.

Know About All the Contacts:

With the Viber spy app, parents can know about all the contacts of teenagers secretly. Make sure you notice any red flag in the contact list with the spy app.

Find Out About Foul Or Abusive Language Use:

As access to the inbox allow the user to read the message content as well thus it is easy for parents to catch the use of abusive or foul language in texting. Find out about any code language usage in the teenage chatbox remotely.

Get Notified About Sexting Problems:

Sexting is common among teenagers. Use the Viber spy app to save your teenager from sharing unethical photos Nude or sensitive content with friends or strangers.

Monitor Media Shared In The Group Messages:

Viber allows the user to share media files as well. People can use this facility to blackmail, threaten or bully your child. With the help of the Viber spy app, you can strictly monitor all the media sent or received through the instant messenger platform.

OgyMogy android spy app covers most of the aspects of online monitoring by offering wonderful features for its users. From giving web content alert to giving the power to block content from the target browser, OgyMogy no doubt can be your best bet in taking good care of the online life of your teenager.

There are clearly two options. Staying anxious about your teen’s online activities and having no clue of whatever is going on or having a close sharp eye to stay connected. The use of a spy app can do the latter for you.

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