Things to Consider in Choosing an IELTS Review Center

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Even though you can always study for the. IELTS test on your own, registering at an exam center has significant advantages. For one, the information in books or manuals. is not always enough, especially considering that every student has different needs. An IELTS exam center can provide. up-to-date information on the latest exams and proven strategies for taking the exam IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai.

In also, having a person proctor the exam. encourages discipline that may not be present when studying on one’s own. But how do you choose from the myriad of exam centers and services available on the market? Here are tips to help you choose an excellent IELTS exam center:


This is one of the most important considerations. An IELTS review center’s marketing paraphernalia. would usually mislead you into thinking that all instructors are certificate holders. Make sure that all teachers have passed the actual IELTS exam. Rather, look for teachers who have experience. in English communication, writing or public speaking. This way, you can be sure that you will not only get information about the test, but also the language skills you need IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai.

Company profile

The age of the company is not. an absolute indicator of the experience of the teachers and. the quality of the services offered. Do not ask about the age of the company, but about the experience of each teacher in teaching IELTS. A new company with experienced teachers may. be better than an exam center that has been in business longer but. changes its teachers often.

Price range

There is a reasonable price range for IELTS exam programs. If the price is too low, ask how many days the course lasts. Anything shorter than three days. is a crash course of some sort and not very helpful for reaching the mastery level. , some exam centers claim to offer a large number. of exam hours, hiding the fact that this already includes the diagnostic. exam and “unlimited” session hours. Also, be wary of expensive. programs, especially if the services offered are the same as other programs. Prices in Manila range from three to six thousand pesos for a 30-hour package. Also, inquire if there are extra fees for exam registration and processing.

Check program

Various programs on the market. A review program can last between 20 and 40 hours, spread over three to twelve days. There are the usual weekday courses, weekend courses, evening courses and individual tutorials. Inquire about how many hours per day the exam will take. Remember that too many hours in one day is tiring and can lead to information overload.

Facilities and accessibility.

Compare. Don’t rely on hearsay. Visit the office for yourself. The physical layout of the. classroom is as important as other factors in the learning process. Furniture should be comfortable, and there should be enough personal. space for all students. Accessibility is another factor to consider. How much effort and time does it take to reach the testing center? If the walk there seems endless or you have. to climb endless stairs, you may be too tired by the time you reach. the center, and that could affect your performance.

Exam papers

Exam centers will always claim that they have plenty of materials, and they should. yet, the question is: Are they updating the materials regular? If they offer an unlimited. number of sessions but always use the same exercises, it would be pointless. Free take-home materials are a plus, but not necessary. The center is the ideal place for exercises. That’s part of what you’re paying for – an academic environment free from the. hassles and distractions of home. In 8 out of 10 cases, students. came back and said they read the material but didn’t do the. exercises because they were either distracted or not forced to do them. Only in an academic environment can this positive pressure to students.

Value-added services

Does the exam center handle the processing and application for free? Does it offer unlimited sit-ins and post-exam support services? Are faculty available for consultation during office hours or on weekends? A well-stocked library and multimedia teaching capabilities are also a big plus. Value-added services like these show how much you get for your money.

Finally, the most important tip: Work hard and give yourself plenty of time to take the exam. No matter how good your exam center is, you can only succeed if you work for it.

The IELTS listening comprehension. test comes first, and many candidates. find it a difficult, sometimes even daunting, place to start. The IELTS listening comprehension. task tests a wide range of skills, and many people find it challenging.
There are many ways to prepare for this part of the IELTS exam. For example, there are many practice tapes and CD sets on the commercial market. While they are all helpful to some degree, you can be sure that none. of them will be the IELTS listening comprehension test you are taking.

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The good news is that the best practice. forms for IELTS Listening are available for free. or at least easy and . They’re also more fun. That’s radio, television, and movies!

If you have access to an English-language. radio or television station, listen to it as often as possible. The benefits are many.
– You become familiar with a variety of accents and individual ways of speaking
– You get the rhythm of spoken English sentences in your ear.

IELTS Preparation Course in dubai

IELTS Training Course in Dubai

English radio and TV news broadcasts. are a good basis for the multi-voice, non-academic part of the IELTS. listening comprehension test, which often involves re-enacting a radio broadcast. Hearing up to four different people talk about the same event from different. personal perspectives, in different acoustic situations, and with different. accents (including second language speakers) is exactly the kind. of training you need to do well on this part of the test, which is the most difficult for some candidates.

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