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How to Choose Content Delivery Networks (CDN): Is it Good or Bad for SEO?


A content delivery network it’s a collection of servers dispersed geographically to help supply you with quick internet content by working in sync.

A CDN speeds up the process of loading videos, HTML Pages, stylesheets, JavaScript files, and images by transferring assets swiftly. The services provided by the CDN are steadily growing popular, south most of the web traffic being passed on by CDNs, such as Netflix and Facebook traffic. Malicious attacks are also kept at bay from your website when the CDN is effectively configured. These attacks could include DDOS attacks also known as Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

Why should you employ a CDN?

CDNs are the perfect solution to spring up your website and decrease dormancy. Hence, they are vital for supplying users with content in a quick, effective and safe way all around the world. This type of content is not merely website content, it also includes OS updates, videos of high quality like HD and 4 K, games, apps and audio streams. Since in today’s day and age website users’ attention is harder to retain, it is important that content is supplied rapidly.

A lot of businesses are making the transition into online platforms, so a majority of the population venture online to connect shop and share content. In the face of this change, content providers have been put forth the challenge of evolving content to be compatible with various devices, supplying the content of different types, data security and managing the online experience of their visitors. The main feature of the content delivery network address is its position in assisting all kinds of businesses to handle the many different types of challenges they face regarding media supply.

The SEO benefits of content delivery networks

HTML and text are the only traffic your website will encounter when the Content delivery network takes responsibility for the delivery of files that are larger like images and videos. This will help boost the speed of your website considerably as the size of your page will decrease and help in traffic management as well. It provides a beneficial SEO to boost the speed of page loading. However, this is where the SEO advantage ends. You should look at the needs of your website before subscribing to a content delivery network as its page speed increase is its only SEO benefit. So you need to ensure if CDN makes sense for your business.

Dealing with huge video files includes adhering to one of the main CDN rules. If you want to boost your page speed that includes a large video file, a content delivery network is a brilliant choice to make. There is no index video file section on Google, it only indexes them if they’re on YouTube. Hence if there are several video files on your website, a content delivery network is a good choice instead of using the same server to host all of your video files.

The SEO pitfalls of content delivery networks

A majority of articles dedicated to CDN and SEO are regarding page loading speed. That’s an interesting aspect to focus on, but the main disadvantage is images.

Evidence suggests that 95% SEOs look over the opportunity of images that are optimised for the search engine. Unique images are incredibly important for website pages. For a long time, using images that are not ordinary made a huge difference in SEO ranking, and it is true even today. If your website is a highly famous one that does not rely on SEO to rank high, you might easily opt for a content delivery network for your image hosting needs, since image optimization is not a big concern.

However, if you are like the rest of us and do not fall under the biggest websites banner, the message Google receives from you is that your images are placed elsewhere. There are plenty of web hosting providers available that provides CDN services with their VPS hosting India plans at an affordable price point.

Hence, ultimately this is where you arrive. In case your images are hosted by some other URL or web server, another source receives that image’s Google trust. Since the image is placed elsewhere physically, Google assumes that it is not a part of your website. CDN renters all other aspects when it comes to images useless, as the benefits are countered by this pitfall. You can pour over and perfect all elements of your website and invest money in them as well, but it will all be for nought. All the gorgeous and unique images, well thought out ALT tags, SEO focused file names, etc are all rendered useless if you select a content delivery network for your website.


You should opt for a content delivery network if your budget can accommodate the extra expense and if you want to enhance your visitors’ experience. If your website has been down with low speed, CDN helps speed it up, including reaching more audiences and scaling your resources to accommodate a growing number of people.