9 Best Secure Video Streaming Platforms

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One of the best ways to unwind after a long week at work or college is to watch a good movie or show. But with the increasing incidents of cybercrime being linked to streaming websites, its hard to decide which ones are safe to access and which ones are not.

In this article, we’re listing down nine of our favorite secure video streaming platforms. However, before you get started, make sure you’ve added an extra layer of security around your online browsing and streaming movies online with VPN.

Once you’ve done that, let’s get started!


Netflix needs no introduction. In the world of streaming and video-watching, this one is the winner. Affordable, high-quality, and practical, Netflix error has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

The platform offers users access to shows, movies, cartoons, anime, and even documentaries. As an incredibly diverse platform, welcoming shows from far beyond the waters of Bollywood and Hollywood, hosting TV shows from almost everywhere in the world, Netflix error appeals to people of all countries, races, cultures, and orientations.

The platform offers an incredible streaming experience, offline downloads, and even physical media rental options at affordable costs. What more could you want?


Love watching shows and movies, Hulu is one of the best American platforms to turn to if you’re looking to unwind while enjoying a good show or movie. With a comprehensive collection of TV shows and movies, the platform makes sure never to disappoint users. With Hulu signing new deals on hosting many new and upcoming shows, things are all set to get even more interesting than before!

Furthermore, the platform also offers an extensive selection of live TV channels, which means that if you like watching live shows, the chances are that you won’t need to subscribe to a whole new channel to enjoy them.

That’s not all, though; Hulu also offers a robust cloud DVR option. This means that if you ever miss a live show, you can always watch the recording right from your Hulu device.


Feel like fiction and fantasy is too much drama for you? We get it; your kind of fun is probably more factual, like documentaries! Learning about new things, how the world works, and staying up to date with new discoveries as the world evolves is not only great for general knowledge, it also helps stimulate your brain, over time, making you much smarter!

Documentaries and knowledge-based videos are a great way to keep growing kids entertained while also helping develop their thinking muscles. If you’re looking for an excellent service to get your fill for documentaries, CuriosityStream is a great starting point. The platform has thousands of titles, with plenty more added frequently, which means you’re not running out of exciting documentaries to watch anytime soon. Another feature is that, just like Netflix, CuriosityStream hosts a whole collection of exclusive originals that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Worldwide availability, being able to stream in HD and 4k quality at a very affordable cost on most major streaming platforms makes this application a brilliant option to turn towards when looking for non-fiction streaming.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is one of the few platforms that offers a free version with little to no limitations. As a famous American streaming service, Peacock TV offers users a chance to stream NBC network shows, in addition to many different movies and TV shows.

One great advantage of the platform is that it hosts several popular shows and movies, and its database is quite frequently updated. This means that if you’re looking to watch a new hit show or movie for free without getting into trouble for it, this is the perfect platform to turn to.

The paid tiers also offer flexible pricing plans, so upgrading isn’t a problem either. Other significant advantages of this platform include being able to stream live sports and creating multiple account profiles.


People who grew up in the 90s know how important fairytales like The Little Mermaid and Cinderella were for them growing up. The platform was and remains the closest form of magic we will ever know, and with more movies and shows that address the issues of kids and teens today, Disney+ packs all the more punch!

With an extensive library of high-quality shows, movies, and even documentaries, here’s to knowing that your child is never getting bored. The platform also allows offline downloads, 4k streaming and has overall outstanding performance.

And don’t be shy if, every once in a while, you slip into the same cotton pajamas that remind you of a childhood well-spent. Put on a familiar Disney original, and escape into the same magical world you were so used to ages ago—Disney is for all ages!


Love shows like Gossip Girl? Can’t wait to be able to stream the brand-new season? Subscribe to HBO Max! This platform comes with its library of critically acclaimed, highly-rated, high-quality movies and shows that won’t get you bored.

The ad-free tier of HBO Max supports 4K streaming, lets users download their favorite TV shows and episodes to enjoy later, even without an internet connection, and create multiple user profiles so multiple people can share the same subscription.

Among the apparent advantages of HBO Max are the arrays of popular shows and movies, attractive applications and even parental controls. What’s more, users can watch all of the Warner Bros. 2021 movies right on the day they release. Even though the platform is considerably expensive, and the ad-free tier does not support offline downloads, other benefits and features make it worth its cost.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video hosts plenty of prestige content for its users to stream to last a lifetime while boasting pretty impressive technical capabilities like 4k streaming and letting its users download content for offline streaming.

Just like Netflix error, the platform also hosts original content that you’re less likely to find anywhere else in the same quality. Whats more is that if you’re also a fan of live Thursday night football and WNBA games, you don’t have to get a separate subscription and can grab your friends and enjoy the matches straight from your Amazon Prime Video.

Another exciting feature that this platform presents is that it lets you buy and rent movies and TV shows directly from Amazon without involving a third-party platform. Not to forget, just like Netflix, the platform also lets you share a subscription by letting you create multiple user profiles.

Fubo TV

If you’re a fan of sports, Fubo TV might just be for you. The platform offers access to tons of live sports and on-demand entertainment content for you to enjoy, making it a perfect subscription for sports fans.

Another great feature that makes this sports platform stand out is its brilliant web interface that lets you watch your matches in 4k quality. That’s not all though; the platform offers a competent DVR functionality to make sure you always have access to recorded shows and never have to miss any.

Finally, Fubo TV is restricted to sports and matches and makes sure that its audience has access to news and entertainment channels, making it an excellent option for just about anyone!


If you’re looking for a streaming platform for kids and adults alike, this one won’t do you wrong. Kanopy has tons of movies and shows and lets users have unlimited access to Kanopy kids—and all you need to unlock access for free is a library card.

Besides letting you stream high-quality content, Kanopy also enables you to create netflix error, share and even embed clips and playlists into websites.

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