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The Creative Design Of 5 Cereal Boxes


It’s no secret that cereal boxes can be really creative. In this post, we’ll take a look at five examples of custom cereal boxes designed by different designers and see how each one uses different design techniques to create a unique look.

What is a cereal box?

A cereal box is a packaging format used to store cereal or other dry goods. The design of a typical cereal box is simple, containing only a front and back panel, as well as four sides. The front panel typically contains the brand name and logo of the product, while the back panel lists the nutritional information and ingredients.

The four sides of the cereal box are typically used to package different types of cereal. The two side panels are usually designed to hold different types of cereals, while the two end panels are used to package snack bars or other small items.

Types of cereal boxes

There are a variety of types of cereal boxs, each with its own unique design.

Some cereal boxes are designed to look like the food they contain. For example, some boxes look like bowls of cereal or doughnuts. Others are designed to look like characters from TV shows or movies.

Some cereal box are even decorated with cartoons or graphics that show the flavor of the cereal inside. For example, some boxes have pictures of different types of fruits on them.

And finally, some cereal boxes are designed to be fun and entertaining. For example, one box features a race car driver on it.

Creative design elements for cereal boxes

The design of cereal boxes is an important part of the marketing strategy for cereal manufacturers. They use different creative design elements to attract consumers to their products.

One of the most important creative design elements for cereal box is the design on the front of the box. This design can be used to promote specific cereals or to create a brand identity for a cereal manufacturer. Some common design features that are used in cereal box are fonts, color, and graphics.

Fonts are one of the most important aspects of cereal box design. They can be used to create an appealing and readable font. Some popular fonts that are used in cereal boxes include Arial, Verdana, and Tahoma.

Color is another important element of cereal box design. It can be used to create a distinct brand identity for a cereal manufacturer. For example, Lucky Charms has a blue box with yellow lettering. This creates a memorable brand image for the cereal manufacturer.

Graphics are also an important part of cereal box design. They can be used to create an attractive and eye-catching font. For example, Chex Quest has graphics that are shaped like characters from the game Chex Quest.


As a bakery owner, it is important to understand the different design options available to you when creating cereal boxes. You can choose to focus on graphics and typography, or you could go for a more subtle approach. Whichever route you decide to take, make sure that your box designs are eye-catching and memorable.

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