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The Experts at Warren Digital

Warren Digital

Warren Digital is a digital marketing agency that works with a wide variety of clients. Their seasoned problem-solving approach and innovative marketing strategies generate proven results. Their mission is to help clients unlock their full potential online. Whether you are looking to increase your website traffic, increase your revenue, or build your brand’s image, the experts at Warren Digital can help you.

Warren Cohn

In 2012, Warren Cohn founded HeraldPR, a New York-based public relations agency. With a vision of a company that would be collaborative and works with clients to create results, Cohn broke through the “brick wall” of the PR industry at a young age. Since then, the firm has grown and expanded into new divisions and cities.

The firm’s first client was a non-profit organization. Cohn managed three clients from his parent’s living room using a laptop and phone. Soon, he had his first referral and signed his second client. Then he began looking for separate office space, as he wanted to eventually hire interns to handle new business and account management.

Amy Warren

Amy Warren has a background in digital marketing, specializing in paid search marketing. She currently works at MEC Global, a WPP company. She leads marketing and account teams for Fortune 500 companies. Her work in this field has earned her several awards, including the OMMA award for Best Use of Mobile.

Certified Agile leader

Warren Digital has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, starting as a Computer Science professor at a local university. He then transitioned into various roles in technology architecture and software development. For 13 years, he was recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. In 2007, he was put in charge of a Scrum team and became a Professional Scrum Trainer. Since then, he has helped professional teams navigate the journey to agile development.

As a Certified Agile Leader, you have achieved a high level of leadership competence and have demonstrated a commitment to improving the work environment in your organization. The role of an Agile Leader is to help transform your organization by facilitating a collaborative culture, fostering quick feedback, and establishing common values throughout the organization.


Warren Digital is a globally recognized speaker and trainer, and the founder of two highly successful IT businesses. He has extensive experience in all aspects of digital marketing and has helped thousands of businesses build a strong digital footprint. He is also a prolific writer, who has written over 50 books and hundreds of articles for clients around the world. He is a professional speaker and member of the PSA and CPD.

He has also won various awards and is an accomplished entrepreneur. He co-founded two successful IT businesses, including an eCommerce site that was valued at over PS1m in just two years. His second company is an online learning platform, which teaches entrepreneurs how to use social networks to grow their businesses. He is also a keynote speaker, a member of the Professional Speaking Association, and an award-winning coach and trainer.

International speaker

Warren Digital is one of the leading influencers in business and technology. He has spent the last 15 years helping companies transform. He uses a holistic approach that integrates digital marketing, lead generation, and public relations. His background includes experience in technology, media, and business services. This expertise has earned him recognition internationally as a speaker and trainer.

Warren is a Top 100 Global Influencer, a published author, a digital expert, and an award-winning speaker. He has a passion for technology and digital transformation. He has published four books and has another two in the works. He is also a member of the Professional Speaking Association and is CPD certified. He has helped thousands of business owners and managers create a digital footprint for their companies.

Co-founder of two companies

Elizabeth Warren has a background in technology, having studied at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in physics with a focus on environmental issues. She then went on to earn her Master’s in Journalism from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. There, she created an original thesis project about climate change and covered the launch of the digital Media Lab at MIT. Warren Digital is a co-founder of two companies – one of which is a successful eCommerce platform, and the other a social media learning platform that helps individuals and businesses effectively use social media. She is a PSA member, a CPD Certified professional speaker and has worked with thousands of companies to build their digital footprints.