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A Complete and Comprehensive Review of Clinicient Insight Go Vs EpicCare EMR Software


Both these software are very effective at performing the EMR functionality that is required by their customers. They provide their customers almost the same services, with just very little difference. These software companies offer attractive solutions to medical businesses. They streamline their medical operations and increase their productivity. Their customers are also extremely happy with the features and the tools they are provided with. And their customers also advocate the performance of their software a lot, and hold them in very high regard. Let us compare them and see for ourselves. 

Clinicient Insight EMR Software Highlight 

Clinicient Insight Go is a cloud-based therapy-specific EMR software. It designed to improve the therapist experience. Insight offers an all-in-one solution with its scheduling, documentation, reporting etc. The software provides improved efficiency and flexibility to manage patient care. This software aids health care facilities to manage the schedules effectively, integrating into existing systems if needed. Its documentation suite is designed for and by therapists. And it is customizable to simplify charting, while remaining compliant. The tools this software provides for rules-based billing by insurance automate processes. It also optimizes payments and reduce denials, a favorable outcome for the user. The business analytics feature allows the practices to measure key metrics on demand. And It also provide actionable insight into practice’s forecast. The total Insight offers a full and comprehensive suite for scheduling, documentation, and billing. As well as for the revenue cycle services. The software’s revenue cycle support team provides services to bill effectively and compliantly. That also gives speedy collections through daily billing and payment posting. The software offers a comprehensive suite to retain the billing in-house when required, while still capitalizing on the benefits from the Insight own solutions. 

Handful key features of Clinicient Insight: 

  • Care Plan Management. 
  • Insurance Management. 
  • Practice Management. 
  • Billing & Invoicing. 
  • Patient Scheduling. 
  • Assessment Management. 
  • Progress Tracking. 

Clinicient Insight EMR Demo and How to Request It 

Requesting the demo from Clinicient is pretty easy and straightforward. The customer has to go onto their official website and fill out a form. Afterwards, the sales representative will reach out to the customer and guide them through the software and its features. Clinicient does offer a free trial for the software. 

Clinicient Insight EMR Pricing and How Does It Cost 

The pricing of Clinicient Insight is not available on their website. The company tends to offer custom pricing for the software and its features according to each customer requirements. Not making the pricing available to the public is part of their pricing technique. The company also does not offer free version for the software. 

Clinicient Insight EMR Reviews and How They Look 

The software is very well reviewed on the internet, with most reviews really advocating the software. The software is rated 4.5\5 at softwareadvice.com based on ‎125 user reviews. It is also rated Rating: 4.1\5 at g2.com based on ‎102 user reviews. 

Epic EMR Software Outline 

Epic is a cloud based EMR software that is intended for large healthcare facilities and systems. It is a certified for Meaningful Use’s both stages. Epic EMR software was and is developed, implemented and supported by an in-house team. There are many modules that are included like dashboards which combines and displays clinical and financial metrics, as well as customizable templates. Epic also provides its users a patient portal and e-prescribing features, that is a part of Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements. The platform also supports telemedicine options that allow physicians to communicate with their patients via a video platform. And that is done through mobile and tablet functionality. Epic’s MyChart feature allows patients to view their medical information. And message the doctors to and schedule their appointments. It also helps the patients to manage their medical history via a personalized portal. With Epic the clinics can streamline their workflows using personalized dashboards, screens. The software’s finance module allows clinicians to track payments, bills and invoices. Epic also has a mobile-ready solution that allowing both doctors and patients to access imp. information. All that could be done through their electronic devices. 

Handful key features of Epic: 

  • Patient Records Management. 
  • Patient Intake. 
  • Claims Scrubbing. 
  • Self Service Portal. 
  • Compliance Tracking. 
  • Patient Scheduling. 
  • Remote Treatment Plans. 

Epic EMR Demo and How to Go About Requesting It 

There is no separate option for requesting the demo on Epic website. Epic have listed all the feature on their website. They expect the potential customers to read through the entire pages and then contact them for further dialogue. Epic does offer a free trial for the software. 

Epic EMR Pricing and How to Get the Best Deal 

Epic does not make the pricing of the software available on their website. This is a part of Epic’s pricing strategy. They tend to lean towards providing custom pricing packages for their customers. Epic does not have a free version of the software. 

Epic EHR Reviews and How They Stack Up 

The software very decently reviewed on the internet, with majority of the reviews falling in good category. The software is rated 4.5\5 at softwareadvice.com based on ‎286 user reviews. It is also rated 4.2\5 at g2.com based on ‎912 user reviews. 

Major Drawbacks of Each Software 

Clinicient Insight: 

  • Ther software has a serious learning curve. 
  • The software support and training is not a with the competition. 
  • The software does not have waitlisting feature for scheduling. 
  • The software is prone to errors and connectivity issues. 


  • The software’s navigation to view images and labs results is hard. 
  • The software’s user experience is difficult due to complex features. 
  • The software’s customer support is unresponsive at times. 
  • The software’s downtime due to updates hurts the productivity. 

Future Prospect of Each Software 

Clinicient Insight and Epic are investing in their future ventures. They are trying to keep up with the current trends and their competition. They are also constantly further developing their software by adding new tools and features. So, perhaps we might be able to see some of the shortcoming being addressed in the near future. 


Each of these software companies know what they are offer in the EMR market ad are very good at it. But the decision of which software platform is better, that is a verdict completely up to the customers. It is them who will be using the software, so they should be the ones to make that decision. At the sometime, from an expert’s perspective they should choose the one that best fits their operational templet.