How to turn followers into customers using Instagram Link in Bio

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Instagram link in bio

Today, Instagram is considered the best social network for businesses and brands, with monthly over 1 billion active users. Whether small or large, all businesses have powerful social media profiles, especially Instagram profiles. They know the importance of their social profiles and drive half of their traffic through them.  

Instagram is no longer about gaining a lot of followers and sharing photos. Right now, you have to take people off of your social media profiles to where you want them to be. No one can control social media, and all of your followers could be gone. So, you need to plan for bringing your follower to your business website.

Use Instagram Link in Bio feature to turn followers into customers.

Like many people, you may think about how to off your social media followers to your favorite pages. You can do it through your Instagram link in bio. Due to many spam incidents, Instagram doesn’t allow to have active links in the caption of posts and comment section. 

By paying for ads, you can add clickable links to your posts. Instead of spending money on paid advertisements, you need to invest in your business to stand it out from the crowd. So, the Instagram link in bio is the only free option you can use to bring your followers to your website. Here are some excellent benefits of link in bio. 

Convert your followers into customers through link in bio

Instagram is an excellent marketing tool. Every business aims to convert its followers into customers, then how can you stay behind? Of course, you’re also looking to off your followers of Instagram to your brand website, product pages, or anywhere else. 

You need to post high-quality and engaging content to encourage your audience to purchase your business or affiliate sites. While uploading your content, don’t forget to mention the phrase “head to the link in bio for more information.”

Drive Traffic

As mentioned before, people often use the bio link to drive traffic and sales to the pages they want to promote them. Or maybe the pages can be their online shop, or perhaps it’s their latest freebie. Though the bio link helps you drive traffic, it also allows you to capture better your followers’ contact information to connect them in the future. 

Above all, you can promote any page you want. If you’re willing to promote your multiple social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, you could promote them. Even more, you can promote your podcasts, blogs, affiliate sites, YouTube channels, or whatever you want. 

Track Traffic

Analytics is very crucial in marketing and sale processes because they help you make sure you’re spending time, energy, and money on the right platform. Tracking and analytics will enable you to see what kind of traffic you’re getting and where it comes from.

Though tracking traffic is a bit tricky, link in bio tools make it much more manageable. There’re many bio tools including Linktree, LinkBook, Link.Bio, tap. Bio, Shorby, campsite, and Milkshake that provides integrations with Google analytics.  

Also know about picuki.

Though there’re many tools, LinkBook is one of the best, allowing users to create landing pages to house all the content. Above all, it provides an accessible advanced link tracking facility and integrates with Google analytics. 

The worst thing about Instagram

Of course, Instagram is the sweetheart of social media, but the worst thing about Instagram is that it allows having an active link only in the bio section. What if you want to promote more than one page? Well, you have to optimize your bio link. 

As mentioned before, you can find many web or bio tools- allowing users to create landing pages. Some allow creating personalized and mobile-optimized landing pages, while some allow non-customizable and straightforward pages. No matter what kind of pages are, you can add all your content to them. 

Let’s take a quick look at the LinkBook bio tool. It’s free and provides premium features, including landing pages, UTM parameters, custom domains, in-depth statistics, animated links, scheduled links, and more. 

It has integrations with Google analytics. Above all, LinkBook provides advanced link tracking, which helps you track your views, clicks, and click-through rates. This can help you see which links are driving traffic and sales to your site and which needs improvement. LinkBook integrates with Mailchimp and Facebook pixel too. 

How to turn Instagram followers into customers: Conclusion 

With the help of Instagram link in bio tools, you don’t need to decide which blog to include in the bio. You can now have the most popular links in your landing pages or that one you want to promote, such as links for your affiliate sites, product pages, and social accounts. Though you will find hundreds of marketing strategies, the link in the bio feature is still working, and you can drive a lot of traffic and sales through it. 

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