Wholesaler vs Manufacturer Understanding the Role and Functions in the Supply Chain

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wholesaler vs manufacturer

There are many stakeholders present in a business. This includes the consumer but even the people who are involved in producing the products and getting the finished item to customers. When looking at the main stakeholders involved in making the products reach the end customer, this includes manufacturers and wholesalers. Distributors can be present here as well. All businesses depend on manufacturers and wholesalers. These parties tend to be interlinked and can be confused with one another. You may be interested in the wholesaler vs manufacturer debate. By knowing this, you can increase your knowledge about how a business functions. 

Read on to know more about wholesaler vs manufacturer by looking at their roles and functions in the supply chain:

All about wholesalers

Wholesalers tend to be the middle people of the retail industry. These people are not those who are designing along with producing goods for sale. Rather, they purchase them from the manufacturers then sell them to you. You can then sell these to some other person.

There are some benefits of working with wholesalers which is why people prefer doing this when considering wholesaler vs manufacturer. Some of these advantages may be:

Fast shipping

Wholesalers are able to ship products quickly as they only warehouse inventory. They have the product available with them and will send it to you when you ask them to do this. 

On the other hand, manufacturers will need to make the product first then send it ahead. 

Simple online shopping

With wholesalers, it is possible to shop really easily online. You look for what you require, then add this to your shopping cart and pay for it. It will then be delivered to you. 

Wholesalers want to get many customers so they try and display all the products that they have. This can be time-consuming looking at all the options here. 

Inability to customize

When working with a wholesaler, you are unable to customize. You will only be able to purchase what they provide. If they for instance offer a product in only two colors, these will be your options. If you want it in some other color and they do not have this, you will not be able to buy it from them. 

What they have present is what you will need to select from. When considering wholesaler vs manufacturer, with a manufacturer you may be able to tell them what you want and they can design the product accordingly for you. 

More competition for you

Wholesalers often have much of a particular product. You can view the same product in different stores all in one day. This is because wholesalers provide a commodity only. Literally anyone can buy it, so there will be more competition for the seller. 

Higher prices

Wholesaler vs manufacturer costs show that working with a wholesaler can be more expensive. This may be because they need their doors to remain open.

All about manufacturers

Manufacturers make products. When someone has to manufacture something, there is probably someone who can do this for you. Most manufacturers tend to be located in China. However you can find manufacturers in other countries like in the U.S.

The following tells you more about manufacturers so that you can know about wholesaler vs manufacturer:

Website features

When looking at some manufacturer’s especially overseas one, they may have a website that is often horrible. This may be due to the fact that they make products for individual consumers. They may be showcasing one product or two only to show what they are able to do. Their main job is to make something from scratch which is for the buyer. 

Manufacturers may not display all their products on their website as they make pieces on order. 

Wholesaler vs manufacturer

Manufacturers are able to make products often in large volumes. They make items using raw materials as well as components. They then distribute these directly to some retailers or even wholesalers. 

Wholesalers buy huge quantities of products from the manufacturers. They then sell these to retailers and that at a discount. Wholesalers tend to be responsible for storing items till they get sold to people. When looking at wholesalers vs manufacturers, retailers buy products from the manufacturer or even wholesaler. This depends on what they require. They then resell this to customers at a higher expense. 

To allow products to reach customers, wholesalers and manufacturers matter. By giving various service levels on the supply chain, these groups make sure that the goods people require will be readily available. 

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